Filipino bbq with Beagley Copperman

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Faroe Islands: Finding kindness in a faraway place

I didn´t have a clue where the Faroe Islands was. But an advertisement popped up on my Facebook one day promoting a small-scale marathon in Tórshavn, somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean.…

June Serrano: A positive story

We are in this small Thai restaurant in Amsterdam when a jolly Asian-looking man, who after talking to the waitress in Thai, smiles at us and starts a conversation.  As it turns…

War in Ukraine, Filipinos in Ukraine
War in Ukraine: A Filipina’s point of view

Eliza, a Pinay from Antique, was just about to start building a family in Kyiv when Russia invaded Ukraine. Then her husband enlisted in the army. A portrait of a Filipina’s life…

Filipinos in France during a rally organized by Lito Gomez.
Lito Gomez: A hero without a cape

Filipinos in France know that when there is immigration trouble, Lito Gomez is the man to call. Meet the man pushing for human and labour rights for Filipinos in France. Many aspire…