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Reagrupación familiar: A Filipino family’s journey to reunification in Spain

Bringing their kids to Spain through reagrupación familiar for Filipinos was easy for Pher and Badeth Ramos, an OFW couple. But they were not prepared for the challenges that came after. Thirteen…

Work diversity Christina
Culture shock: Kenya and work culture

A Filipina teacher deals with culture shock after she landed a top job in a Kenya’s college with values that didn’t not align to hers. Agatha Verdadero writes from Kenya. When a…

puto at dinuguan
Column: Living without puto and dinuguan

Can you imagine life without Filipino food? As a Filipino expat living in Kenya, where Pinoy food is not readily available, our columnist Agatha Verdadero has learned to embrace the local cuisine,…

10 Things Pinoys need to know about Kenya

Our Nairobi-based columnist Agatha Verdadero has been living in Kenya for two decades. Yet she’s still convincing Filipinos that Kenyans don’t live in mud huts. In this article, she shares with us…

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