Filipino bbq with Beagley Copperman
Filipino bbq with Beagley Copperman

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Filipineya: Egyptians’ sad definition of “Filipina”

Despite breaking through stereotypes, the image Filipinas in Egypt as a meek wife and a domestic helper persists, that it has even become an adjective. Sometime before the COVID pandemic, I met…

Soul for soil

Writer, chef, and Filipino expat Louise Baterna discovers the pleasure of gardening, and created a green paradise tucked in her backyard, in the bustling city of Brussels. It began during my autumn…

puto at dinuguan
Column: Living without puto and dinuguan

Can you imagine life without Filipino food? As a Filipino expat living in Kenya, where Pinoy food is not readily available, our columnist Agatha Verdadero has learned to embrace the local cuisine,…

Expat living in rural Spain: Of customs and seasons

In La Mancha, Filipino writer and expat Antonio Montalvan enjoys centuries-old traditions of rural Spain that most tourists don’t experience. I had taken abode in the tranquil pueblo of Camuñas and little…