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Fourteen Years and Seven Houses, Part 2

In the second part of her house hunting experience, columnist Agatha Verdadero tells of a harrowing experience that made her leave Kenya, what saved her from drifting apart, and her eventual return…

A Pinoy truck driver traverses the European highways

The Filipino Expat Magazine talks to three kababayans whose jobs put them behind the wheel and take them to uncertain roads. Roads where they defy exhaustion, danger and even nature’s wrath.  Roads where they…

Single mom Leslie Duma and TikTok superstar Jamiel Bustos
How a single mom raised a social media superstar

Being a single mom is hard enough but raising a child alone in a foreign country is even more challenging. This is the inspiring journey of a Filipina single mom from Toronto,…

Teresita Marques: A life of music

Her love for music took Teresita Marques to Lisbon but she never imagined that she will founding one of the country’s oldest chamber choirs, becoming one of the most prominent Filipinos in…

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