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Editor’s Note Summer 2023: Completely different summer

Editor’s Note Summer 2023: Completely different summer

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“It’s going to be a completely different summer,” announces my Spanish friend as she scrolls down the news on her phone. Why is that, I ask.

“Well, I think this will be the first time we have to pray for rain this summer,” she explains why. I give her a nod in agreement. Southern Europe has been experiencing low precipitation in the last months. Authorities are alarmed by the continuing rainless days and fear that if it doesn’t rain heavily soon, a water crisis is inevitable.

When she sees my worried look, she tries to lighten up the mood and changes the subject. “I am finally going on a trip!” Of course, her trip.

The reason why we have agreed to meet up and have this coffee is to talk about her “mystical” trip to England. “It is a transformational quest visiting southwest England’s ancient, Neolithic, Celtic and Arthurian sites. Totally different, eh,” she further explains.

My friend hasn’t traveled for three years because of the pandemic. I would rather be safe than sorry was how she defended her decision. This will be her first time to buy a flight ticket, book a room and leave the country in three years. And her excitement makes us forget the looming water crisis for a while.

The Filipino Expat Magazine Summer 2023 Issue
The Filipino Expat Magazine Summer 2023 Issue with LGBT+ activist Kaye Candaza on the cover.

Speaking of excitement, we can’t wait to welcome the warm days ahead with our feisty Summer 2023 Issue which falls on the rainbow month of June. Celebrating the Pride month, we have activist Kaye Candaza on our cover. A proud fighter in her own right, Kaye opens up about her inspiring and breathtaking journey as a transpinay and tells the world about the struggles of a trans woman that most of us are not aware of or simply don’t care to listen.

Showing off their best kicks are three Pinoy martial artists: Kickboxer Rei Setoguchi, Kali Guro Jhonee Llandelar and former world champion kickboxer-turned entrepreneur Kim Samonte giving us a glimpse of their lives on and off the tatami mats, in and out of the ring.

Thinking of exploring Europe and doing something different this summer? We offer five things that will make your European summer holiday truly unforgettable. From running with the bulls in Pamplona to picking wild oysters in Zeeland, Dheza Aguilar makes an enticing list for you to choose from. Or you might want to go back home for a tropical summer holiday but prefer to stay only in the capital. Kathree Millen shortlists five Metro Manila hotspots that will make your homecoming extra memorable and fun.

But summer is not only about beautiful places, it is also about summer love and heartbreaks, friendships, new hobbies, mouth- watering delicacies, shopping and yes, money!

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Poet Karessa Malaya writes about a summer heartbreak in “A faded Summer solstice”. Find out what Ambassador Pedro “Junie” Laylo, Jr. does in his free time when he is out of his office in Tel Aviv. Poala Anne Canaya invites us to discover Pinoy sweetness in Leuven, Belgium.

We have asked a hedge fund analyst to tell us of her monthly budget and how she gets to save for her trips. Francine Alessandra Vito writes about Lubay, a brand of chic and elegant handbags and vegan leather goods based in Belgium.

And don’t miss our summer shopping list! You might find something that catches your fancy. Writer Ara Aguilar shares an interesting traveler’s lesson in her “Bucket list gone real” as she poses the question, do we have to lower our expectations when we travel? Find out why. Moms and dads will be happy to read mom-of- three Myls Rubio’s tips on how to have a blast traveling hassle-free with your kids in tow.

For our expat living, we are taking you to the beautiful islands of the British Virgin Islands with Dr. Dean Torno revealing how he found his life’s balance on these small islands in the Caribbean. 

Indeed, será un verano completamente diferente, as my Spanish friend crisply says. After three years, let’s take the world by storm! No pun intended. Happy summer, you guys!

Read The Filipino Expat Magazine Summer 2023 Edition!

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