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Load online: MobileRecharge review

Load online: MobileRecharge review

MobileRecharge Review

“Sorry, wala na akong load,” is perhaps the most annoying thing to hear when you are video-chatting with your mother, especially when it’s about something important. But it’s a situation familiar to us Filipinos working and living abroad

For many families in the Philippines, a monthly subscription to mobile and data plans are still uncommon particularly for those living in remote areas where “landlines” or fixed telephone lines are impossible to install. That’s why mobile phones are very popular in the Philippines, having at least two sim cards in case one of the mobile providers doesn’t have a “signal” (connection). 

The good news is that you can now recharge any mobile phone number wherever you are in the world so “walang load” will never be an issue anymore. 

What is MobileRecharge?

Top-up, mobile airtime, mobile credit, mobile load, and for Filipinos it’s “pa-load”. MobileRecharge is a business that helps expats send cellphone balances to their relatives to 140 countries in the world, including the Philippines. It has been operating for 10 years and ranks among the top facilitators for instant top-up to the Philippines for its fast credit load, security, transparency and deals; promising instant and guaranteed transactions for loading prepaid and data to all seven operators in the Philippines

I’ve reviewed MobileRecharge and surprised my sister with  2GB of mobile data during a typhoon in the Philippines. MobileRecharge gives you the option to send prepaid credit (from Php500 to Php1,000) or data (from 2GB to 10GB).

My experience with MobileRecharge

This was my first time sending a load to any number in the Philippines, as I would rather send cash. I have to admit, it was hard to entrust my credit card details and hard-earned money to a business that I have not heard of.

What if the load I paid for was not credited to my sister’s number?

Thankfully, and as they claim, MobileRecharge is safe and secure and perhaps that’s the most important thing when sending mobile charge to relatives in any part of the world. It should reach the intended receiver. 

I signed up via their website, because I didn’t want to download another app on my phone. Signing up was easy. You have to make an account and provide your email, local mobile number, and address. 

MobileRecharge gives you the options to send either prepaid and data load to any of the seven operators in the Philippines, Globe, Smart, TMobile, TNT, Cherry Mobile, PLDT and even Dito. And although I accidentally clicked Globe instead of TMobile, the data load still arrived. 

I sent my sister 2GB of data in the evening here in the Netherlands so I would not know if she received the load until the next morning. I got an email that my transaction was still processing but I didn’t have time to wait until it was successfully credited. MobileRecharge sends free SMS to receivers but they don’t inform you whether the credit has been received. I had to login to my account to check whether the transaction was successful, and checked with my sister if she received the data. The small delay was because I gave a TMobile phone number and clicked Globe at the beginning of the transaction. Thankfully, these providers are sister companies. 

Who could benefit from their services?

Many of our relatives already have their dedicated mobile load suppliers so why still use a MobileRecharge online loading?

Older family members

Our older relatives, especially those who live alone, can benefit from not having to send someone else to buy load for their SIM cards. MobileRecharge also offers Auto Top-up so you can regularly send mobile credit to your relatives. No worries about forgetting it. It’s like giving them their own subscription.

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What could be scarier than running out of mobile credit when you are out of the country, especially if Wifi is not available? With MobileRecharge’s Automatic Top-up, you are assured that you will not run out of “load”. 

Student relatives

The Philippines have yet to resume full time face to face classes. And hybrid learning requires a constant and steady internet. If you are sending a young relative to school, it’s a nice gift to give them regular mobile data to lessen interruptions during online classes. 

For all your relatives who loves Facebook

Filipinos spend an average of 10 hours and 27 minutes online. That puts us 2nd on the list of internet users in the world, next only to South Africa. Of course to go online, you need data. 

Do I recommend MobileRecharge?

Yes. It’s an easy and fast way to send mobile credit or “load” to your family back home. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself. Use the code PINOY22WELCOME to get 10% discount on your first transaction. 

MobileRecharge review
Summary of MobileRecharge review
MobileRecharge is a TFEM advertiser. Opinions are solely of the author’s. Transaction was self paid, not sponsored.
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