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TFEM partners with Beagley Copperman for European distribution

TFEM partners with Beagley Copperman for European distribution

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The Filipino Expat Magazine is proud to be partnering with Beagley Copperman, one of the biggest wholesale distributors of Filipino food in Europe, to bring our magazine closer to Filipino communities in the continent. 

Beagley Copperman (BC) was founded in 2008 by Silvan Reijnen and Marianne Kok, two passionate individuals who wanted to bring the authentic Asian food experience to Europe. What started as a small venture in the couple’s attic, grew into a wholesale business offering more than 2,300 high quality products imported from different countries in Asia. With a network of 72 transport companies, Beagley Copperman is present in over 30 countries and can deliver the best Asian and Filipino food products anywhere in Europe.

Beagley Copperman distributors of Filipino food in Europe.

“It’s our mission to make the authentic Asian kitchen available to everyone. We want Filipinos in Europe to enjoy the best products from true Philippine brands. Thanks to TFEM’s broad network in the Filipino community, we can make sure these authentic products reach the consumers they are made for. It’s an ideal way for us to connect Filipinos with the brands and products that remind them of their home,” says Reijnen.

To ensure that they are keeping up with their promise of making the authentic Asian kitchen available to everyone, Beagley Copperman’s acquisition team travels regularly to Asia to visit factories and suppliers, and to taste and experience different cuisines. Meanwhile, Beagley Copperman’s quality assurance team inspects and tastes each and every product before they are added into the company’s assortment, to make sure that they conform to their high-quality standard and the European Union’s food laws. 

Wholesale distributor Filipino food in Europe

Through their hands-on approach to acquisition, Beagley Copperman was able to bring Filipino childhood favourites like Cheez-Zum Cheese Rings and Corn Bits. They are also the exclusive European distributor of PikNik, the thin potato strips Filipinos love snacking on.

“Beagley Copperman values authenticity and quality. Together with our suppliers, we are constantly making sure the products we import and distribute conform to EU law. This way, our customers are guaranteed to purchase and sell products of the best quality. We select only authentic Filipino products and brands to our product range, like W.L., Pik-Nik, Buenas and Luneta. We are thé most innovative importer of authentic Asian food in Europe. With distinctive product range, focus on quality, and tailored advice, we are your partner for success.”

Silvan Reijnen, Owner Beagley Copperman

Beagley Copperman’s clients include wholesalers, cash & carry’s, supermarkets, shops, and catering suppliers. They also support Filipino food producers and manufacturers in Europe. In the Netherlands, they are the official distributor of brands like Luneta Ice Cream, Ubeness, and Nida tocino and longganisa

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Non-food Pinoy products

Although they are one of the biggest distributors of Filipino food in Europe, Beagley Copperman’s assortment is not limited to food products. They also import well-loved Pinoy beauty and skincare brands like Safeguard, Silka, Eskinol and Creamsilk. They even brought the walis tambo and walis tingting to Europe so that we do not have to carry them in our luggage when we come back from our holidays in the Philippines.

“Partnering with Beagley Copperman to distribute our magazine to their clients in Europe is an important step for The Filipino Expat Magazine. Through their extensive distribution network, we will be able to regularly reach our kababayans particularly those living outside the Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg (BENELUX) countries. The Filipino Expat Magazine is free, because we believe that Filipino expats deserve free access to our shared stories of living abroad in order for us to be more strongly connected, and will find a renewed pride in being Filipinos,” says Dheza Marie Aguilar, Managing Editor of The Filipino Expat Magazine. 

Ask your favourite Filipino store to order from Beagley Copperman now so that you can get your complimentary copy of The Filipino Expat Magazine. Or pass their contact details to your suking tindahan, or telephone number +31 888 880

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