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Editor’s Note: A relief for the senses

Editor’s Note: A relief for the senses

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Summer is finally over. And what a suffocatingly hot summer it was. Europe was hit by one of the worst heatwaves in years which created havoc across the continent. Coming from a tropical country, I thought I was already used to the high temperature and heavy humidity. But I wasn’t. The oppressive heat kept people indoors for days praying for rain and willing the fresh breeze of autumn to blow early.

And indeed autumn came unseasonably ahead of schedule. Downpours and cool winds in the last weeks of August were answered prayers. Saying goodbye to the headache-inducing heat was such a relief for the senses! Suddenly, the good cool days are here again.

Michelle Aldana cover The Filipino Expat Magazine

To usher the start of the cold season, our Autumn/Winter 2022 issue is filled with adventure and stirring expat stories coming from unexpected places around the world.  We are excited to have 1993 Miss Asia Pacific and actress Michelle Aldana on our cover.  Michelle, who at the height of her career decided to drop everything to start a new life in Europe surprised her fans and critics alike. Currently based in South Africa, Michelle shares with us her life as a wife, a mother, a businesswoman and an artist and the challenges of living outside her comfort zone. 

Expats Alvin Comabig Sta. Iglesias, Quintin Cavite, and Gary Belarmino  take us for a ride on the busy highways of Germany, the meandering roads of Tuscany and  the boundless dessert of Saudi Arabia to give us a glimpse of how they face the perils that come with their jobs. 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in one of the hottest cities in the world? International school teacher Karen Medalla  describes expat living in Khartoum, Sudan.

In his article “Aliens to these small worlds”, theatre director Berjer Capati gives his personal take on racism as he reflects on his experience living in Spain and raises the question, “Is there such thing as subtle racism?”. Our columnist MZ Akil’s “Walang kupas” ponders on the beauty standard in the Philippine society and how her perception of beauty has evolved throughout the years.

Raymond Villaroman, owner and CEO of Geriatic Care Solution (GCS) tells TFEM´s Dheza Aguilar about his dreams of changing the way America takes care of its elderly. Find out why he, from a reluctant expat to a mission-driven entrepreneur, is bent on making his dream come true.  Philippine ambassador to Morroco Leslie Baja tells us why his family is a big part of his past time. Sharon Masler explains why we pay penalties.

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Have you planned your autumn/winter getaway yet? Discover the secret wonders of  Albania and Kosovo as Geneva Isaac shares her unforgettable trip to the Balkansand the lessons she learned from the nice people she met and the splendid places she visited. Fancy a glass of glühwein (mulled wine) while exploring the magical Christmas markets of Germany? Berlin-based Myls Rubio  takes us to her three favourite Christmas markets in Berlin with bonus tips for moms with little kids. 

And  speaking of the season of  Ho ho ho, as a way of habit, The Filipino Expat is delighted to give you top picks for your Christmas giveaways with products made by Filipino creators abroad. Not only that,  we also made a list of favorite Filipino traditional Christmas grub of 12 Pinoy chefs and restaurant owners all around the globe. Take your pick and bon appétit!  

And so there you are dear fellow expats, we hope you enjoy our Autumn/Winter 2022 issue. In a matter of weeks, 2022 will take its leave and a new year is coming. No matter what happens in 2023, we will stay visible and strong. That despite the chaotic world we live in, we always thrive and grow. For everything that came and went, hits and misses, ups and downs, we are thankful for 2022. As gratefulness is not only a relief for the senses, but for the soul as well. 

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