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Luxury meets island vibes at Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa

Luxury meets island vibes at Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa

Siargao Island luxury hotel Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel

Between the rows of foreign-owned hotels on surfing paradise Siargao Island, Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa stands out as a world-class luxury destination, which is proudly 100% Filipino-owned.

What used to be an ugly swampy area with muddy soil and brackish water more than a decade ago, is now the site of the world famous Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa. A stone’s throw away from the popular Cloud 9 surfing spot, it boasts of stunning sea views and world class amenities.

“I wanted to create a resort that speaks of the ocean,” says Siargao Bleu’s proprietor Emmylou “Melot” Matugas Abejo. She shares with The Filipino Expat Magazine how she had the idea of building a Siarganon-owned resort on Siargao island during a stroll in 2006. “I wondered why all these resorts were owned by foreigners. If these foreigners believed in the island, why couldn’t we, Siargaonons?”

Surfing capital of the Philippines

In recent years, Siargao island has become the surfing capital of the Philippines. The 437-square-kilometer island is blessed with white powdery beaches and huge waves, making it popular among surfers all over the world. In 2019, Siargao was voted the Best Island in Asia in Conde Nast Travelers Readers awards.

Believing in Siargao’s big potential as a premier tourist destination, Melot didn’t stop until her dream resort became a reality. With the support of her family, especially her mother, Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa Corporation was born in 2009. Two years later, construction started.

“I wanted to create a resort that speaks of the ocean.”

Melot Matugas Abejo, owner Siargao Bleu Hotel and Resort

In 2015, the first 100% Filipino-owned resort on the island opened its doors to
the world, immediately becoming one of the grandest resorts in the country when it comes to design, maintenance and customer service.

A few months later, Siargao Bleu hosted the candidates of Miss Universe 2016 as part of the pageant’s promotional tour. From then on, national and international celebrities and personalities alike including several Philippine presidents have experienced the resorts’ best.

“The huge swimming pool serves as the signature look of the resort. When we built it, we tried our very best not to put the environment in danger.”

Melot Matugas Abejo, owner Siargao Bleu Hotel and Resort
Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel infinity pool on Siargao Island.
The famous infinity pool of Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel.

The iconic infinity pool

Located on Tourism Road, Brgy. Catangan, General Luna, Siargao Bleu is very much accessible from the airport to the town center. Upon entering the resort, guests are welcomed by its iconic 1,600-square-meter man-made lagoon, considered the biggest on the island. “The huge swimming pool serves as the signature look of the resort. When we built it, we tried our very best not to put the environment in danger.”

Melot’s love for Balinese architecture and Japanese aesthetics is visible in every detail of the resort’s overall design. “I want it to be very minimalist. Tapping the natural form of things and be in contact with nature. Anything that is wood, green, water, earth, the elements.” 

By the pool is the beach-side bar where guests can enjoy their time relaxing, listening to good music and chatting with the friendly staff, who, based on online customers reviews, are the main asset of the resort. 

Luxury hotel on on Siargao Island, Philippines

Five-star accommodation

October is the best time to visit the island as the waves get bigger and the swells are consistent and reliable. Guests can choose from the 40 spacious and comfortable rooms.

The Garden rooms are a short walk to the pool and the beach which guarantee spectacular views. The Terrace rooms are located on the second floor and each room has a small balcony.

The Floating villa is right by the pool with direct access to the pool at any time, a lounge to sunbathe and an enormous real stone bathtub for the guest’s fancy-one with nature!

One thing that always amazes the guests is the uniquely designed outdoor showers. The shower area is built separately, with natural light, rocks and plants that emanate a strong connection with nature.

Spa treatment on Siargao Island, Philippines.
A relaxing massage at one of the hotel’s outdoor spa beds.
Foot spa treatment on Siargao Island, Philippines.
The outdoor shower at Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel
Siargao Bleu’s outdoor shower.

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Luxury for body and soul

Bleu Steak & Seafood Restaurant, offersa variety of island’s best and fresh- est seafood dishes, highlighting Siargao’s number one local produce – the King Crab. Meat is rare on the island but ribs and the local favorite “humba” are served here.

After a day of surfing or swimming, it is time to ”listen to your body and soul”. Siargao Bleu pampers its guests with yoga & healing sessions. Spa services are available with highly trained therapists at the Bleu Spa or room service. Guests can get an outdoor massage while listening to the sound of the breeze and the waves. There is also a well-equipped fitness center and movie nights for film lovers.

Melot and her team see to it that every guest is VIP. Their House of Butlers is always ready to ensure the comfort of everyone, even providing free airport/seaport transfer and shuttle in the Cloud 9 strip.

They also prepared fun adventure packaged activities such as surfing lessons, island hopping, North Escapade, Sohoton Cave and Jellyfish Experience, Corregidor Island Trek and Snorkelling, Three Islands Hopping Experience, Sugba Lagoon and Kawhagan Island Tour.

Luxury accommodatiom Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel on Siargao Island Philipines
Melot and her team worked hard to rebuild Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel back to a stronger yet same luxury accommodation that it is proud of.

The resort after the storm

When Typhoon Odette hit Siargao in 2021, the whole resort was flattened to the ground. Melot describes the harrowing hours when strong winds and heavy rains ravaged the place and wiped out everything in their wake. “I slept for days in a destroyed resort with no doors and filled with mosquitoes. We had to build everything again as it was.”

Siargao Bleu was back on its feet in October 2022 with the place fully booked for weeks. “We made everything stronger to withstand calamities in the future. We are excited to welcome our guests once again.”

So if the gloomy winter weather wears you down, pack your bags and fly to Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa, where luxury meets island vibes.

Room rates starts at €270 per night. Book directly by visiting their FB page or email or WhatsApp +63 917 818 8800. Siargao Bleu Resort and Hotel is located at Cloud 9, Tourism Road,Barangay Catangan, General Luna, Philippines
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